Reviews for The Partnership Economy

The Partnership Economy is full of a-ha moments for anyone who’s been paying attention. . . . It crystalizes why and how the affiliate model evolved into a new, distinct channel. The basic concept of referrals is the same, but the potential configurations, the consumer focus, and the lynchpin of trust are groundbreaking.

Neil Patel, owner, NP Digital, and author of Hustle

As the digital economy grows globally, partnerships will be the most important frontier. has been a leading light in creating a booming partnership economy. Dave Yovanno’s wisdom is not just prescient, it’s timely.

Sunir Shah, CEO, AppBind, and president, Cloud Software Association

Partnerships are now one of the main food groups for business growth, and The Partnership Economy is the essential cookbook. Any MBA candidate needs it as a go-to-market primer, C-levels need it for growth strategy, marketers will get tactics and inspiration. Thank you, Dave Yovanno, for this comprehensive guide — it’s right on time.

Michael McNerney, publisher, Martech Record

An eye-opener. The quiet metamorphosis of affiliate marketing, the dramatic shift in consumer attitudes toward advertising — this book unpacks all the factors that make partnerships an absolutely essential growth engine for brands today. . . . An outstanding introduction backed up by great case studies and solid data. It belongs on any executive’s bookshelf.

Bill Macaitis, former CMO of Slack, Zendesk, and Salesforce

Consumers are looking for brands to show them — not tell them — they are trustworthy. Dave Yovanno shares the context for how brand-consumer relationships have changed and actionable strategies for how to build authentic partnerships that will help your business thrive.

Stefania Pomponi, founder of Hella Social Impact, and author of Influencer Marketing for Dummies

I’ve been complaining for years that there is no definitive work on partnerships and no ‘book’ to reference. Thank you, Dave, for answering the call because The Partnership Economy is the book I’ve been waiting for and that you must read now.

Jared Fuller, host and producer, PartnerUp: The Partnerships Podcast

A must-read. . . . Really gets under the hood of what makes a powerful modern partnership and, crucially, how today’s brands can use them to achieve customer acquisition and retention, drive sales, and establish a strong, long-term brand reputation. . . . A remarkably engaging and captivating read.

Julia Smith, founder and CEO, The Digital Voice

A great book for anybody interested in the wider universe of performance marketing. As an industry that has previously been very focused on a narrow set of rules and tactics, focusing on a handful of metrics, it's great to read about the dramatic evolution that has transformed the space into a much more versatile and sustainable one.

Niamh Butler-Walton, PerformanceIN

Dave Yovanno shares what all marketing leaders will soon know: Partnerships are the future of marketing. Dave and his team at have continually been at the forefront of using technology to transform the partnership industry, and The Partnership Economy will show you a blueprint and case studies for success in the brave new world of partnership marketing.

Robert Glazer, CEO, Acceleration Partners, and #1 Wall Street Journal-bestselling author of Elevate and Performance Partnerships

Required reading for anyone in revenue acquisition. The adoption of cloud technologies and social media has accelerated the scale and speed of change in the partner landscape, and author Dave Yovanno offers a clear and cohesive path forward.

Patrick McCue, board advisor and former senior vice president, Global Partners and Okta

Partnerships are what make good companies great. The Partnership Economy dives into detail about every different type of modern partnership and how they work. It's a great resource to understand the intricacies of partnerships and how they can benefit your business.

Fred Schebesta, founder of Finder

Partner, collaborate, share, grow! Read The Partnership Economy to learn how 1+1 always equals 3 when partnerships are part of the equation for successful revenue generation.

Gabby Leibovich, co-founder, Catch, Scoopon, Luxury Escapes, and EatNow/Menulog

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