Resources to grow your partnerships

What do you need to thrive in the partnership economy? Check out these resources to help get you started and manage partnerships programs that perform.

partnerships life-cycle

Manage the partnership life cycle

From discovery and onboarding to measurement and commissioning, each phase of the partnership life cycle has specific management requirements and keys to success. Learn about each phase with this interactive infographic.

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Bundled kits so you can get started now

Download partnerships starter packs for worksheets, ebooks, and tactical materials designed to help you kick off a successful program.

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Influencer partnerships starter pack


Brand-to-brand partnerships starter pack


Affiliate partnerships starter pack

the partnership economy podcast

Keep up — listen to The Partnership Economy podcast

Take your partnerships education on the go with candid conversations and stories from industry leaders. Our hosts, David A. Yovanno, CEO, and Todd Crawford, cofounder of, unpack the future of partnerships.

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Could you be growing a lot faster?

Take the partnership maturity quiz, and in just five minutes, benchmark your current partnerships program, assess how you rank on the maturity scale, and identify opportunities to boost return on investment (ROI).

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partnership assessment
performance fraud

Prevent fraud in your partnerships program

Learn how to identify and purge affiliate and influencer fraud and allocate spend to legitimate partners that deliver value.

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Start a partnerships reading group

Fired up about partnerships and want to delve deeper with others? You’ll find hours of inspiration for discussion in The Instructor’s Companion Guide to The Partnership Economy.

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